Register Office of Positano / Hotel Marincanto, Italy Elopement Photo Story Award

Civil Wedding Ceremony picture of bride and groom at the Town Hall Register Office

Civil Wedding Ceremony Image from Town Hall Register Office | The bride and groom walk hand-in-hand

The bride and groom walk hand-in-hand toward the Positano Register Office, where their civil ceremony will take place.

For this couple, their wedding was not a day that they wanted to share with the world. Rather, it was a celebration that they wanted to keep to themselves — one in which they could immerse themselves fully in the moment, focus solely on their love for one another and create intimate memories that they would cherish for a lifetime. 

Rather than planning a large and lavish affair, the bride and groom eloped in Positano, Italy. The wedding took place at the Hotel Marincanto, and it was scheduled for the same date that the bride's parents were married. Given the fact that her parents sadly passed away just three years ago, this felt like an opportunity for the couple to include them in their day. 

In a magical setting where they could enjoy panoramic views of the village and the bay, this couple was able to fully absorb the moments in which they became husband and wife.

Maricanto Hotel wedding image at Positano SA, Italy of bride with peaceful look on her face

Marincanto Hotel Bride Prep Image from Positano SA, Italy | The bride has a peaceful and prepared look on her face

With a peaceful and prepared look on her face, the bride slips her shoes on before her wedding ceremony.

Hotel Marincanto Groom image with panoramic views of the Italian village

Hotel Marincanto Groom preparing with panoramic views of Mediterranean | on a balcony overlooking the Italian village

Standing on a balcony overlooking the Italian village of Positano, the groom finalizes his wedding look.

Maricanto Hotel wedding pic from the Cliffs over the Mediterranean Sea

Marincanto Hotel was Built in Cliffs at Mediterranean Sea | the bride and groom give each other a playful look

With the sea behind them and the rest of their lives ahead of them, the bride and groom give each other a playful look as they leave the hotel and head toward the Positano Register Office.

Wedding Picture of the Bride and Groom at their Positano Town Hall Elopement in Italy

Positano Town Halls of Italy Wedding Image | The bride goes into a fit of laughter

The bride dissolves into a fit of laughter on the way to the ceremony, as her future husband looks at her with a sense of wonder, devotion, and pride.

Wedding image of the bride and groom entering ceremony in Positano, Amalfi Coast, Campania, Italy

Positano, Amalfi Coast, Campania, Italy Wedding Picture | The couple holds hands

The couple holds hands tightly, anticipating the moment that they are able to enter the register office and begin their ceremony.

Positano Italy Civil Marriage Picture from the Registry Office at the Town Hall

Positano Italy Civil Ceremony Image from Registry Office at Town Hall | The bride and groom are focused on one another

The bride and groom are focused solely on one another during their rooftop civil ceremony overlooking the mesmerizing town of Positano.

Wedding Image of Bride and Groom after Registry Office Town Hall Ceremony in Positano

Registry Office Wedding Picture after Positano Town Hall Ceremony | the couple goes to Facetime

Immediately following the ceremony, the couple takes a moment to Facetime with the bride's brother.

Picture from Hotel Marincanto of Bride and Groom in Positano, Amalfi Coast, Italy

Hotel Marincanto Bride and Groom Image, Positano, Amalfi Coast, Italy | the setting sun casting a glow on the couple

With the setting sun casting an ethereal glow over them, the newlyweds slowly stroll along the path back to their hotel. It may be the end of their wedding day, but it's the dawning moment of their marriage — and they are ready for anything that comes next.