Princeton University Chapel, New Jersey Campus Elopement Photo Story Award

University Wedding Photo from an outdoor garden ceremony near historic chapel on campus

University Wedding Photo from outdoor ceremony near historic chapel on campus

Against the backdrop of one of the most iconic buildings on campus, the bride reads her vows to the groom.

This couple found themselves far from home when they decided to begin their lives together as husband and wife. While they were both from China, the groom was studying at Princeton University in New Jersey, so they decided to hold an outdoor ceremony in front of the historic buildings on campus. It was a sweet and simple ceremony witnessed in person by a few friends and experienced virtually by their parents.

Micro elopement image from a Princeton University Wedding Venue of bride sliding the ring onto her husband at chapel

Princeton University Ceremony Image by a NJ Wedding Photographer | The bride is looking both poised and serene outside the chapel

The bride — looking both poised and serene — slides the wedding band onto her new husband.

Image from a Princeton Chapel Wedding Venue of friends at outdoor ceremony taking pictures

Princeton University Outside Chapel Wedding Venue - NJ Photography | friends were able to attend the outdoor ceremony in person

Their friends who were able to attend the outdoor ceremony in person didn't want to miss a moment. They captured the ceremony from start to finish, allowing them to share the experience with those who were not able to be there.

NJ Wedding Ceremony Photography at Princeton of officiant announcement at outdoor elopement

NJ Wedding Photography at Princeton | the groom brims with pride after outdoor ceremony

As the groom brims with pride, the bride lifts her bouquet in the air in order to celebrate the moment that they became husband and wife.

Jersey Wedding Photography of a dog guest in the grooms arms outside the campus chapel

Jersey Wedding Photographer | A dog guest hops into the grooms arms

A four-legged guest hops into the groom's arms in the moments following the ceremony, much to the delight of the bride who can't resist greeting the pup. 

Princeton University Wedding Couple Picture from NJ as bride feeds the groom cake outdoors

Princeton University Wedding Couple Photo | The bride has a mischievous yet adoring look on her face

Donning a mischievous yet adoring look on her face, the bride raises a forkful of cake and offers the love of her life a bite. Despite the fact that they opted for a short and simple outdoor elopement ceremony, the couple still included many timeless traditions into their wedding day. 

Princeton University Campus Wedding Portrait of bride and groom in the garden pergola

Princeton University Campus - Wedding Portraits | pergola bride and groom image

The newlyweds pose for a whimsical portrait under a pergola on Princeton University's campus.

Princeton University Campus Wedding Ceremony Photo of groom holding brides bouquet

Princeton University Ceremony - Campus Wedding Photography | The groom holds the brides bouquet

The groom holds the bride's bouquet as they prepare to leave the ceremony location and explore the campus as a newly-married couple.

Princeton New Jersey Micro Wedding Photo after bride adjuster her look for the streets

Princeton New Jersey Wedding Photojournalist | the bride adjusts her wedding day look for the streets

Breaking away from the charming and innocent nature of the ceremony, the bride adjusts her wedding day look and the groom leads her by the hand through the streets of the city. This moment feels like a daring escape — a getaway from everyone, allowing them to begin their adventure together.