Portland, Oregon Park and Backyard Elopement Photo Story Award

Portland Public Park Wedding Ceremony Photography at Forest Park of The family looking on as the couple promise themselves to one another

Portland Elopement Ceremony Image from Forest Park | The family looks on as they promise themselves to one another

The family looks on as they promise themselves to one another for life.

When two people are as well-matched as much as these two, life sort of simply unfolds around them and the story of their wedding is no different. After living together happily committed for a year, when they got engaged they didn't want to wait for the world to stop being so chaotic to tie their knot. They were ready for the next step.

The guest list needed to be tight, so just a handful of closest family members made their way thousands of miles to Oregon, in the midst of the pandemic. But at the wedding, you wouldn't know the world was in such disarray. The families bonded over a stay in a big rental house just outside the city.

For a ceremony, a favorite hiking trail was a natural choice for this active Pacific Northwest couple. Their guests were happy to trot in after them into the forest for an "I Do" that was digitally broadcast to those who couldn't be there in person.

Afterward, dinner was served in a friend's garden, who also just so happens to be one of the top chefs in Portland. Not busy with his temporarily closed restaurants, he was able to cook an incredible meal for the party. Peter and Courtney made sure to test-run his kid's trampoline in the yard before dinner was served! 

After heartfelt toasts, and two delectable cakes, the dance music went on and the wedding night was in full swing. It was a reminder that it truly doesn't take a crowd full of people to generate an incredible amount of joy, connection, and fun when two people commit their lives to partner up. It just takes a dash of creativity, and a whole lot of love.

Air BNB Portland, OR wedding rental home image of The bride getting ready in the mirror

Air BNB - Portland, OR Elopement Photographer | The bride gets ready in a rental home

The bride gets ready in a rental home, spending time with her closest family and a small handful of friends.

Oregon Wedding Day Bridal Portraits at Rental Home in Portland of a beautiful PNW summer bride

Bridal Portraits at a Vacation Rental Home in Portland, OR | A quick portrait of a beautiful Pacific Northwest summer bride

A quick portrait of a beautiful Pacific Northwest summer bride.

Forest Park of Portland, Or Outdoor Ceremony image from An emotional moment at the wedding elopement

Forest Park Portland Outdoor Elopement Ceremony Pictures | An emotional moment after the vows and rings

An emotional moment after the deal is done! The joy is palpable as even passerby hikers have stopped on the trail to applaud!