Palazzo Cavalli-Franchetti, Venice Elopement Photo Story Award

From a romantic destination wedding, a portrait of the couple at the church

A romantic destination elopement portrait of the bride and groom

While the imposing Santa Maria Della Salute threatens to cast a severe tone for the portrait, the bride's sweeping veil and the groom's genuine smile add the touch of romance that makes this image truly spectacular.

While Cristina and Gianmarco currently reside in London, they decided to return to their native Italy for a romantic destination elopement that was infused with passion and anchored by the history that surrounded them. The couple prepared for their wedding at the Hotel Bauer Palazzo, then traveled by water taxi along the canals of Venice to Palazzo Cavalli, where the wedding ceremony took place. After the ceremony, the newlyweds posed for powerful wedding portraits inside the infamous Hotel Danieli.

Near the Grand Canal, the bride gets ready for her wedding at a hotel

Bride getting prepared for her wedding at the Hotel Bauer Venice near the Grand Canal

With the open door cracked just enough to provide a glimpse of the preparations, the bride sits serenely on the bed while a bridesmaid fastens her shoes. She is just moments away from her wedding ceremony, and the anticipation is palpable. 

The groom is near Venice's St. Mark's Square getting ready at the Bauer Hotel for his wedding

Groom preparations near Venice's St. Mark's Square at the Bauer Hotel

The groom appears both proud and serious as his groomsman helps him get ready for the wedding ceremony. 

BW photo from Bauer Hotel of Bride and bridesmaids getting ready for the civil marriage ceremony in Venice

Bride preparing with bridesmaids at the Bauer Hotel, a historic five-star hotel on the Grand Canal

Cristina's smile is one of genuine excitement — it's as if she cannot wait to turn around and see the reflection of herself as a bride. She is surrounded by the women in her life who will support her and ensure that everything is absolutely perfect for the day. 

The bride if now ready for her civil wedding ceremony in Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy bride preparing for wedding ceremony

Every detail has been considered, allowing Cristina to look every bit the Venetian bride. She pauses for a moment with her bouquet before exiting the room — when she walks out this door, she will be taking the first steps toward her new life.

The couple share their first kiss during a civil marriage ceremony at the Palazzo Cavalli in Venice

Palazzo Cavalli is a wedding venue palace in Venice for romantic ceremonies like this one

Once the vows have been shared and the wedding ceremony is concluded, the bride and groom are able to share their first gentle kiss as husband and wife. 

Bride and groom on a tour boat on the Grand Canal of Venice, Italy

Grand Canal BW image from the Italian Canale Grandeof Venice, Italy

Cristina admires her wedding band as it glistens in the Venetian sunlight. The couple enjoyed a gondola trip down the Grand Canal after their ceremony. 

Outside the Saint Mary of Health - Salute, a bridal flower toss at the Roman Catholic church

Bouquet toss outside the Saint Mary of Health, or Salute, a Roman Catholic church

Against the backdrop of the ancient Venice streets and its flowing canals, Cristina playfully tosses her bouquet towards one of her guests. 

At the Hotel Danieli, Venice, the bride and groom pose for a romantic indoor portrait

Bride and groom portrait from the historic Hotel Danieli, Venice, Italy

The newlyweds slipped away inside the Hotel Danieli, where they were able to pose for intimate portraits in the opulent lobby. The dark tones and gilded accents created a sense of allure and temptation, showcasing the passion that the couple has for one another.