Villa Botta Adorno, Torre d Isola, Italy Elopement Photo Story Award


Elopement Photo of the Bride and Groom wearing Covid masks

A humorous portrait of the bride and groom to defuse the hard situation in Italy.

This wedding was celebrated on the 29th of February in Lombardy, Italy. The situation was quite hard for Covid-19. It was prohibited to gather with more than 15 people. This wedding was divided into two parts, the first was on the 29th of February and the party will take place hopefully in one to two be defined.  No despair for the couple but some smiles and naturally a security mask for the event.


Groom's Sister is speaking with Her Mother, about Covid 19 Situation at Italy, Lombardia, Pavia, Torre d Isola, Villa Botta Adorno

Groom's sister is speaking with her mother about the Covid-19 situation.


the bride entering the villa in Italy, Lombardia

The bride entering into the villa's ceremony room.


some seconds before Yes at  Italy, Lombardia, Pavia elopement wedding ceremony

A few seconds before 'yes', during the ceremony.


Elopement Detail Image of Hands During Ceremony Speech - Italy, Lombardia, Pavia

The bride and groom hold hands during the ceremony vow exchange.


Speech time during elopement wedding in Italy, Lombardia, Pavia

Speeches during there ceremony.


Mother in law seeing the First Kiss between the Bride and Groom inside an Hypothetical heart at an Italy, Lombardia, Pavia elopement

Mother-in-law watching the first kiss between the bride and groom inside a hypothetical heart.


Elopement Photography - The Old Villa in Torre d Isola is Completely Empty.

The Old Villa in Torre d Isola is completely empty.


Italy, Lombardia, Pavia, Torre d Isola, Villa Botta Adorno elopement wedding -  A Smile before a fast appetizer.. the wedding reception is forbidden.

The newly married couple smile before a fast appetizer. The wedding reception is forbidden due to the Covid-19 restrictions.