Cleto, Cosenza, Calabria, Italy Elopement Photo Story Award

Calabria, Italy wedding ceremony image of the groom's mother celebrating with emotional lines

The happy wedding couple celebrated their special day as the sun shined down upon them until the sun set in a beautiful small wedding ceremony

The groom's mother celebrates the ceremony with some intense and emotional lines.

Mike sent me an email, from Canada. He wanted to know if I was available for an intimate photo session in Cleto. He told me he had origins in this little town, which is actually quite completely uninhabited. Most of these little towns built in the cliffs facing the Mediterranean sea have been abandoned across the years, with settlers heading for the coasts. 

Finally I met Mike and Alexa, who wanted to celebrate with their family an informal wedding where Mike's family ancestors once lived. They grabbed their suits that they had brought along with them, got all ready right there at the moment, on spot. To me it was all improvisation, and the scenario was so beautiful. The sun was fantastic, as always in this part of the Mediterranean, it shined on this magical moment until sunset, where Mike, Alexa and their family settled for a relaxing dinner, with the historical center of Cleto and its beautiful castle on the background. 

I remember getting back in my car, after only 2 hours, and I couldn't believe how much fun it was being a part of this moment.

Calabria castle wedding picture of the bride and groom in Cleto walking at the castle

Cleto, Cosenza, Calabria Elopement Photo | The bride and groom in Cleto and are heading for the castle

Mike and Alexi just arrived in Cleto and are heading for the castle.

Cleto, Cosenza, Italy wedding castle venue image - getting ready for the Mediterranean wedding

Cleto, Cosenza, Italy Elopement Picture | getting ready for the wedding in the heart of the Mediterranean.

A very unusual getting ready location, in the heart of the Mediterranean.

Cosenza wedding image of The groom a brother getting ready at the castle

Cosenza Elopement Groom Photography | The groom and one of his twin brothers getting all set

Mike and one of his twin brothers getting all set.

Italy Outdoor wedding photo of the bride and groom descending the castle

Calabria, Italy Outdoor Elopement Photographer | After the ceremony, the bride and groom descend from the castle

After the ceremony, Mike and Alexa descend from the castle.

Calabria wedding day portrait of The bride and groom relaxing and enjoying the sunset

Calabria Elopement Couple Portrait | The bride and groom relaxes, enjoying the lovely sunlight

The couple relaxes, enjoying the lovely sunlight shining on them.

Calabria, IT wedding Reception Venue photo of toasting at the castle

Calabria, IT Elopement Reception Venue Image | Time for toasting with the castle in the background

Time for toasting, with Cleto and its castle in the background.