Castello di Vincigliata, Florence, Tuscany, Italy Elopement Photo Story Award

Bride and groom destination wedding portrait by suit of armor of a medieval knight of the castle

The dream of a destination elopement wedding came true for this couple

The happy couple posed for a portrait in the grand Hall of Harms of the ancient Castello di Vincigliata. In the foreground of the photograph, out of focus, one could make out a suit of armor belonging to one of the medieval knights who had made the castle their home many centuries ago. The photo was a perfect reminder of the long and storied history of the castle, and a beautiful testament to the couple's special day.

The American couple from Alabama, USA had a dream of a destination elopement for their wedding day, and so they chose the ancient and enchanting castle of Vincigliata, located in the rolling hills of Fiesole, in the lush green heart of Tuscany. They brought their closest family and friends with them to share in the special moment, and to witness the civil ceremony that would make their union official. The stunning Tuscan landscape provided a picturesque backdrop for the ceremony and for their wedding portraits. As the golden sunlight danced over the centuries-old castle walls, the couple exchanged their vows and began a new life together in a breathtakingly romantic setting.

At Florence historic Duomo, the groom prepares for wedding in a room at Hotel Savoy, Tuscany

Near Florence's historic Duomo, the groom gets ready at Hotel Savoy, Firenze, Tuscany

The groom was in the process of preparing for the big day at the historic Hotel Savoy in the beautiful city of Florence, Tuscany, as he carefully placed his hat on top of his head.

In Florence, a bride exits hotel revolving door at Piazza della Repubblica

The bride exits revolving door with a picturesque view of Piazza della Repubblica in Florence

The beautiful bride, adorned in her white gown and veil, steps gracefully out of the Hotel Savoy, Florence, Tuscany, and is framed in the old revolving door that gives a picturesque view of Piazza della Repubblica in Florence. She takes a moment to take in the scene, her special day is about to begin.

In the countryside of Tuscany, IT, the huge castle stone walls below blue sky at wedding venue

Huge castle stone walls below a bright blue sky, ideal setting for a destination wedding

The wedding location, Castello di Vincigliata in Fiesole, Florence was framed by silhouetted trees and towering stone walls reaching high towards the bright blue sky. It was the perfect setting for the destination wedding.

Florence destination wedding ceremony outdoors with a framed picture of couples dog in a guest chair

A wedding celebration outdoors with a picture of their dog, framed on a chair

The couple, in their joyous wedding celebration, made sure to include their beloved pet, who had sadly passed away a few months before the big day. A framed photograph of the dog was placed among the guests, who were attending the ceremony, as a way of including the pup who couldn't be there in person, but who was still there in spirit.

In Firenze Tuscany Italy, the exit for the couple at outdoor destination wedding ceremony

Bride and groom after vows vows at the outdoor ceremony in Italy

The couple said their vows in a breathtaking outdoor ceremony, beneath a clear blue sky at Castello di Vincigliata in Fiesole. As they celebrated the end of their ceremony, they joyously performed a traditional exit.

The Italian destination wedding venue table is set for courtard dinner at the venue in Firenze Tuscany

The Italian venue table is set for an elegant dinner at the wedding reception

Outdoors in the beautiful courtyard of Castle Vincigliata, the table is set for a luxurious and elegant dinner.

Reception party image from a destination wedding at Castle of Vincigliata, of bride and her shoe helpers

Team Bride in Italy helped her put on a pair of classic Chucks All Stars

The bride's team happily helped her switch out her shoes for a more comfortable option; a pair of classic Chucks All Stars, perfect for dancing the night away.

A sparklers cedding cake cutting ceremony at Italian Castle for the bride and groom

A cake cutting ceremony in the Italian Castle for the bride and groom

The cake cutting was a beautiful moment full of glamor and style for the bride and groom. Captured in a photograph, it will be a memory that will be treasured for years to come.