Bab Al Shams Desert Resort, Dubai, UAE Elopement Photo Story Award

A Desert Oasis Bride and Groom Celebrate After a Dune Wedding Ceremony

A Wedding Oasis Image of Bride and Groom After Desert Ceremony

With the desert winds adding a touch of whimsy to the day, Ariana and Nishan clasp hands and begin their walk down the aisle. They are taking their first steps on their journey as a married couple, and it's clear that they are ready for the adventure that lies ahead.

By planning a destination wedding in Dubai at a luxurious desert resort, Ariana and Nishan were able to blend both culture and tradition throughout their ceremony and reception. Their wedding day began with an intimate Sikh ceremony at the Gurudwara Temple in Jebel Ali, which was followed by an afternoon dessert at the Bab al Shams Resort.

Both the couple as well as the guests were able to rest, relax and recover from the heat of the day for several hours before reuniting for the couple's vows, which were recited alongside the Arabian Desert sand dunes. Once the vows were said and the couple was declared husband and wife, everyone was able to dance the night away under the twinkling lights that were strung above the outdoor reception space.

Dubai bride at Bab Al Shams Desert Venue shows her dress to the bridal party

A bride at Bab Al Shams Desert Resort, Dubai shows her wedding dress for the first time

The bridesmaids and bridal party gasps in awe as they enjoy their first glimpse of their beloved Ariana as a bride. 

UAE outdoor wedding ceremony at Bab Al Shams of Sunset Point

Wedding ceremony at Bab Al Shams in a stunning desert setting in the dunes of Sunset Point

The couple chose a ceremony location that was nestled between two sand dunes, which added to the intimacy and romantic ambiance of the experience.

UAE bride is ready in her dress at Bab Al Shams Resort wedding venue in Dubai

Surrounded by Arabian style architecture, a bride at Bab Al Shams shows off her traditional wedding dress

Ariana looks every bit the confident, graceful and regal bride in her traditional garment for the Sikh ceremony. 

Wedding elopement ceremony at Bab Al Shams near the oasis

An intimate wedding ceremony among the sand dunes of Dubai

The soft white sands and the gentle breeze created a dreamlike setting for Ariana and Nishan's vow ceremony. The couple held hands throughout the entire ceremony, completely immersed in the moment and committed to reciting the vows that they had written for one another.

Dubai couple walking outside in the dunes at Bab Al Shams Desert Resort

Bride and groom walking at Bab Al Shams Desert Resort and Spa, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Feeling relaxed and at ease in the moments following their wedding ceremony and portrait session, the couple walks slowly down their soft sand aisle toward their guests, who were already celebrating their new marriage.

Dubai desert setting for this bride and groom at a UAE wedding venue resort

The newlyweds are toasting among the dunes around Dubai

The new husband and wife escape for a private moment to celebrate. This oasis in the desert provided them with a place to rest their bodies, ease their minds and absorb the moment. As their guests dine and drink on the dunes in the background, Ariana and Nishan toast one another and their fledgling marriage.

Dubai bride and groom dancing at night at Bab Al Shams wedding venue under string lights

Wedding reception dancing for the bride and groom at a low-rise resort surrounded by dunes and nature at Bab Al Shams

The newlyweds smile and laugh as they enjoy their first dance under the glimmering lights of their outdoor reception at the Bab al Shams Resort.

Slow shutter blurred image from a Dubai wedding of dance floor action

UAE wedding photo in BW of guests dancing at night

Before long, the dance floor was filled with guests who were ready to swirl and twirl with one another as the night turned into early morning.