St. Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands Elopement Photo Story Award

The bride and groom walk the downtown streets following their civil courthouse marriage

Husband and wife strolling downtown streets after their wedding ceremony

The new husband and wife stroll down the colorful streets of St. Helier in the moments following their ceremony at The Old Magistrates Court.

Berenice and Steve dreamed of a simple wedding that was full of love, laughter and genuine moments. Wanting to be fully present in the moment and not consumed with the details of the day, the couple planned an effortless ceremony and made reservations at a local tapas restaurant in St. Helier, Jersey in the Channel Islands. In fact, they didn't even book a photographer for their big day — a friend gifted the bride with the photography package and surprised her with this timeless gift on her wedding day. 

The bride has yet to arrive to receive her flower bouquet at The Magistrate's Court of CI

Waiting for the bride at The Magistrate's Court before the marriage ceremony

Close friends of the couple wait outside The Old Magistrate's Court in St. Helier, ready to hand the bride the bouquet that was handcrafted for her at the local florist.

Beautiful bride is preparing for her wedding outside the Town Hall and Old Magistrate Court

Bride arriving at the Town Hall and Old Magistrate's Court for her civil wedding

As Berenice arrives and receives her bouquet, her daughter works to arrange the train on her wedding gown before she walks into the ceremony location.

A light moment for the couple during a Channel Islands marriage ceremony at Magistrate's Court

A Channel Islands marriage ceremony image from inside the Magistrate's Court

Leaning into her husband during the vows, the bride succumbs to a fit of giggles. It was a moment that showcased the playful side of the couple.

Picture of the civil ring ceremony in the Old Magistrates Court, St Helier, UK

The ring ceremony takes place for the couple at the Old Magistrates Court of Seale Street, St Helier, United Kingdom

Berenice beams as she slides the wedding band onto Steve's finger.

BW image of groom and bride walking downtown streets in St Helier, Jersey, CI

The husband and wife take to the streets of St Helier, one of the twelve parishes of Jersey

With their arms wrapped around each other, the newlyweds stroll down the street alongside their wedding party. The entire group was relaxed and enjoying every moment of the day, which was exactly the atmosphere the couple was hoping for.

Beside the English Channel, the bride and groom walk the streets of St Helier pre wedding reception party in Jersey

Along side of the English Channel, the couple tour downtown St Helier before their wedding reception

The bride and groom took a detour on the way to their wedding reception — they couldn't resist the fresh produce that was available at the market in the town square.

Not far from St. Aubin's Bay, the bride and groom pose in Jersey, Channel Islands for wedding day portraits

Bride and groom portrait session in Jersey, of the Channel Islands, along St. Aubin's Bay

As they closed their eyes and allowed the warm sunshine to fuel their spirits, the bride and groom rested against one another for a simple yet powerful wedding portrait.

Near Bay of St Malo, in St Helier, Jersey, the groom and bride cross a street in traffic

In the Capital, ​St Helier, Jersey the groom helps the bride cross the street near the Bay of St Malo

Steve stops traffic to let his bride take center stage as they crossed the street toward the restaurant where they would host their wedding luncheon.