Cheshire Photo - True Love Captured - Wedding Image Award - 2686526

The photographer captured a beautiful moment of the bride embracing one of her great friends during the getting ready process at Cote How, The Lake District
Cheshire, United Kingdom

Karl Chester

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Image 2686526 was recognized with a TLC award and presented to Cheshire, United Kingdom wedding photographer Karl Chester for capturing a real moment at an actual event and being ranked with the world’s best wedding photographers.

The Wedding Photojournalist Association is happy to present Cheshire, United Kingdom wedding photographer Karl Chester with a True Love Captured TLC WPJA award for recording a real moment at a marriage event: wedding photojournalism.

The best wedding photographers from around the world send in their favorite ‘emotion’ images to the WPJA’s TLC documentary photography contests for recognition in this highly competitive field. The most notable working photojournalists and newspaper picture editors in the industry (not the wedding industry) review their work and award the top images.