Top 1 Fine Art Newark Wedding Photographers for 2024

Page Updated: October 4th, 2023

Would you love to find a fine-art, artistic Newark wedding photographer to document the details of your big day and to complement your unique love story with a creative flair? The Wedding Photojournalist Association can help! Our documentary-style Newark wedding photographers are, first and foremost, photographers — artists, in other words, whose medium is the still photograph. In the Artistic Guild competitions, WPJA members show off their creative talents for digitally enhanced still-lifes and fine-art detail photos.

Quarterly Artistic Guild contests for fine-art Newark wedding photography are held annually, entered and judged separately from the WPJA competitions held during the year. After each contest, we add another collection of award-winning detail images to our wedding photographer’s member profile galleries.

What could be better than the details of your carefully planned event captured by a top Newark fine art wedding photographer? Detail images generally are tighter framed shots on some of the day’s textures, and features, whether as arranged by the photographer or as they were found: dresses, gowns, suits, rings, linens, flowers, bouquets, cake, shoes, or champagne glasses. A collection of tightly cropped faces would likely also be a “details” shot if the surrounding context has been subdued to bring out the image’s artistic impact.

Wedding and engagement portraits by Michelle Arlotta

Michelle Arlotta is an experienced wedding photographer with a creative and analytical approach. With her unique style, she captures raw emotions and delivers beautiful results, often adding a touch of humor. Known for her versatility, she creates images that reflect a wide range of emotions and designs that incorporate bold graphics and colors.