Top 1 Creative Lot-et-Garonne Wedding Portrait Photographers for 2022

Page Updated: October 20th, 2020

Wouldn’t you just love to hire a top creative Lot-et-Garonne wedding photographer to create artistic portraits on your big day? The Artistic Guild of the Wedding Photojournalist Association is here to help! Wedding photojournalists are, first and foremost, photographers — creative artists, in other words. In the AG contests, WPJA members exhibit their skills at digitally enhanced Lot-et-Garonne couple portraits.

Four Artistic Guild contests for Lot-et-Garonne wedding portraits are held annually, entered and judged separately from the regular WPJA competitions of moments. After each creative photo contest, we add another collection of award-winning portraits to our member profile galleries.

Want to have a top Lot-et-Garonne creative wedding photographer take some unique and artistic portraits? In a portrait (for these purposes), the photographer has staged the couple, the bridal party, or other participants or groups — such as family, friends, or children — on the day of the wedding. One distinguishing feature of portraits is that the subjects are aware of the camera and are maintaining their positions for the sake of the photograph.