Wisconsin Outdoor fall elopement wedding ceremony photography

An Elopement Photo From the Outdoor small wedding with just the bride, groom and about 20 closest guests
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Outdoor fall ceremony with pumpkins down the aisle.

First off, the location was a simple rented house facing Balsam Lake in Wisconsin in the fall which set the ambiance perfectly for Kalli and Rashid. The guest list was narrowed down to just the bride, groom and about 20 closest guests which was perfect. We got the opportunity to hang out with the family, hear some inside jokes, see the moms bond with each other and learn a lot about the couple and their story. At one point in the night, Grandpa himself was telling me stories and reminiscing as we looked at an old photo album of the bride that grandma brought as a surprise! 

One of the best moments was during the simple ceremony as Kalli’s father was walking her up the stairs outside to the DIY alter, there was no band or music so the moms and aunts started to hum and sing creating their own impromptu acapella group. Honestly, how adorable is that?