Wedding Ceremony Photography from Catskill, NY of The couple celebrating that they are finally married

The bride and groom celebrated their joyous union with an intimate indoor ceremony at an Airbnb rental home
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Airbnb in Catskills, NY

Finally married! Drew and Jillian celebrate the joyful moment that they are finally married.

Jillian and Drew had planned to wed on December 12th in Sands Point, New York, but when they found themselves in the midst of a pandemic, they were forced to change their plans.  While they rescheduled their original reception with hundreds of guests to 2022, they decided to keep their original date and rent an A-frame cabin in the Catskills to tie the knot in front of their immediate families.  They brought enough Christmas lights, trees, and ornaments to create a festive setting in the main gathering space overlooking the water.  It was an overcast day and the twinkling lights really added magic to the ceremony, with a Christmas tree serving as the backdrop.  

The A-frame cabin provided a long staircase for a dramatic entrance into the ceremony for Jillian and it was an emotional moment for everyone as she walked down the aisle.  With drastically fewer guests than originally planned, there was no lack of emotion, love, or celebration as Jillian and Drew exchanged their vows.  They shared a beautiful embrace after the ceremony that felt like a reward for all that they had endured in 2020 leading up to this moment. 

 Jillian's mother took care to decorate the dining table for their guests with rose centerpieces, trees, pine boughs, and candlelight.  The back patio served as a beautiful space to photograph a few portraits with a lovely sky filled with puffy clouds in the background which contrasted perfectly with Drew's red velvet jacket.  In spite of their small crowd, everyone really enjoyed themselves as the ceremony space turned into a dance floor for the remainder of the evening.  Joy radiated from the cabin all afternoon and all of their planning and their 20 guests really made this elopement impactful and meaningful for everyone.