Thousand Islands Winter Wedding Image from Ontario of The couple signing their papers on a blanket in the snow

The newlyweds' winter wedding was made complete as they signed their marriage certificate at the edge of the ice rink, the chill of the air giving them the perfect backdrop to capture their special moment before they headed off to take family photos
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Outside Rockport Barn, Rockport, Ontario

The couple signs their papers, sitting on a faux-fur blanket laid in a crevice in the snow, just at the edge of the ice rink.

This was a winter elopement unlike any I've seen or photographed before. The couple was not interested in a big wedding, and it just so happened that we weren't allowed to have one anyway.

Pam and Stephen have been together nineteen years. Because they'd both "been there done that" with the big wedding, their vision for this was very simple and clear: gather with their two sons and their son's girlfriend for an outdoor ceremony on the ice at Rockport Barn, take some family photos, and have a cozy dinner.

They worked with a local wedding planner (Heather of Bowtie Services) so that their elopement wouldn't be a series of stressful decisions. In the end, all the details were taken care of, and the couple and their children had a really wonderful afternoon together.

The elopement started at the Boathouse Inn, where the couple got ready. Pam did not wear a dress. Instead, she opted for a beautiful black ski sweater, and over top she wore a ski jacket and pants.

After they were dressed, we strolled through Rockport Village, taking in the beautiful wintery scene. The couple visits this place often, so it holds special meaning to them.

Then we headed to the ceremony venue: Rockport Barn, a short drive away from their Inn. The ceremony was held right on the ice, which made for slippery conditions, but it was super unique and very fun to shoot.

Once they were legally married, and all the papers were signed, they got to enjoy the fire.

After that, a delicious dinner awaited them inside the cozy barn.

This was not a conventional elopement in any sense of the word. It was magical and special in every way and incorporated everything the couple wished for.

(well, except that they didn't get to go ice-skating on the rink after all. They had brought their skates, but after the ceremony, we all decided that the ice was a little too slippery, and the cheese fondue was beckoning anyway!)