MacCallum House Inn, Mendocino, CA small wedding - bride and groom exchanging vows on a beautiful sunny day

The happy couple chose to celebrate their special day with a small wedding ceremony on the lawn of a historic house, with sunshine overhead and all the beauty of the outdoors
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MacCallum House Inn, Mendocino, CA

The bride and groom exchanging vows.

There's nothing more beautiful than a sunny day after a rain storm at the ocean. The tree-lined cypress grove and shimmering ocean were Meghan and Daniel's stage and the beginning of their special day and life together.

Meghan and Daniel were married in Mendocino, California at the MacCallum House Inn. Meghan's parents were married in Mendocino many years before. Meghan wanted a simple, small ceremony in Mendocino just like her mom. The wedding ceremony took place on the MacCallum House lawn followed by a reception in the dining room.