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Picture of Floataway Cafe, Atlanta Elopement Venue | The couple make their entrance at their reception
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Floataway Cafe

Heidi and Tracy make their entrance at their reception. This same-sex couple is now legally married after 16 years.

Together since 1999, Heidi and Tracy had known for years that they were the perfect match and had even made the traditional ‘through good and bad, sickness and health, richer or poorer’ commitment to each other. Despite all of this, when the SCOTUS ruling came down at the end of June, the couple was excited to turn their commitment into a legal marriage. 

Their first thought was to simply go to the Justice of the Peace in Dekalb County, Georgia, and ‘just get it done,’ then go to a nice dinner. But once they told family and closest friends their plans, everyone wanted in on it.

The couple knew they couldn’t have 18 friends and family members running amuck at the Courthouse, so they decided to host a ceremony in their backyard (where their dogs could be included.)  Once they nailed down the backyard location, things just started coming together….easily, perfectly, beautifully. Tracy asked a long-time friend, who is a pastor with the United Church of Christ, to officiate the ceremony. They booked a private room at the Floataway Cafe, a restaurant that was very special to them, and then they sent an Evite to their guests.

Since their ceremony was the third week of August in Atlanta and nothing was blooming in the yard, the couple ordered flowers for the ceremony and more flowers for the private dining room. The restaurant recommended a custom menu, which they decided was perfect for them.

Tracy wore a dress she had purchased in the spring for her nephew's wedding, and Heidi wore capris. Because the ceremony was in their backyard, the brides and the wedding party wore Havaianas flip-flops. Even though the couple never chose official wedding colors, the wedding party showed up in colors that matched the brides. 

“How perfect was that?” the brides commented.