Flathead Lake, Montana couple planned an elopement ceremony Glacier National Park

The couple exchanged heartfelt vows and shed tears of joy during their intimate elopement ceremony, witnessed by the photographer and their two closest friends, as the sun set in the background
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Flathead Lake, Montana

Jocelyn and Mitch had planned to elope to Glacier National Park, but forest fires forced them to make a last-minute change of plans.  With only days before their elopement, we worked to find a new spot that was safe from the fire danger, but still proximal and showed Montana's natural beauty. They decided on a spot on the shore of Flathead Lake.  

The short ceremony was packed with emotion.  After reciting their vows and wiping each other's tears, they committed their lives to each other in front of myself, their two closest friends, and the officiant.  They spent the rest of the evening wandering the shores of Flathead Lake, in awe of the moment and the surrounding beauty.