Capri Island Italy Wedding image from the outdoor ceremony location

The bride and groom shared their vows at a small beach wedding with close friends and family under the big trees at the location of their choosing, making it a truly special and memorable ceremony
Image Location: 
Parco del filosofo - Anacapri

This is the story of Letizia and Gianluca, who first crossed paths in Parco del Filosofo in Capri. It’s one of those summer evenings when the Ponente wind is blowing through the grass and the waves are gently shaping the beach, bringing back old memories. All you need is a little bit of poetry and everything becomes clear: two divergent roads come together in order to become one lifelong journey.

This is the kind of poetry the couple saw in Gelsomina to Anacapri, the location where they chose to be married with the help of the knowledgeable wedding planner and perfect host, Gelsomina Maresca. The event was managed by Privitera Eventi, and music was performed by the Diana Cover Band and Antonio Ballarano.

In keeping with the casual and comfortable atmosphere of the day, the dress code was informal, with men, including the groom, wearing shorts.

The ceremony took place on a balcony with a view in the sea. The balcony, situated among trees and flowers, created the perfect romantic atmosphere for the couple and their guests.