Black Hawk wedding image of The couple as the are pronounced husband and wife at a CO vacation rental home

 Black Hawk Backyard Elopement Photos | The couple are pronounced husband and wife
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Rental Home for Backyard Weddings in Black Hawk, Colorado

Marla and Chris are pronounced husband and wife in the middle of a lush, green forest.

When Marla and Chris’s Connecticut wedding was rescheduled to next year, they decided to elope in Black Hawk, CO at an Airbnb home. Their friend Dave officiated and their dog served as a witness. They fulfilled their dream of getting married, drank champagne, took a few portraits in the smoky, wildfire light, and ate chips and salsa. Despite its small size, the celebration was a blast and I was touched that the couple asked me to stay, hang out, and celebrate with them. It was a completely unique day. It was their day.