8 images from an Istanbul, Turkey Civil Marriage at the Municipal Belediye - Elopement Photography by Nilufer Nalbantoglu

Afternoon sunlight glinted off the happy bride and groom as they celebrated their love under a bright sky
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Istanbul, Turkey Municipal Belediye Civil Registry

Due to the fact that they were finally a married couple, whenever their eyes met each other they burst into laughter.

Tolga and Cem were one of the luckiest couples in 2020. Considering the restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic, many couples had to postpone their weddings but Tolga and Cem were able to have a small ceremony with their loved ones just when the restrictions were eased off.

The excitement and happiness could easily be felt by everyone who witnessed the day. The day began with Tolga’s preparations and as a tradition continued with the most sensitive family home visit that I’ve ever witnessed. There was joy, there were laughter, tears, and everything. After they tied the knot, the day was crowned with a surprise cake.