Trapani Wedding Photography Award - 2678175

The bride's bouquet launch was an unforgettable moment at the Baglio Borgesati wedding reception in Salemi, Sicily, as the strings of lights overhead illuminated her joyous smile during the outdoor night celebration
Trapani, Italy

Nino Lombardo

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Photograph 2678175 was awarded to Trapani, Italy wedding photographer Nino Lombardo for being the best in documentary wedding photography.

The WPJA is pleased to present Trapani, Italy wedding photographer Nino Lombardo with an official Master Piece Award as recognition for exceptional wedding photojournalism at Baglio Borgesati - Salemi, Sicily.

The very top documentary-style wedding photographers from around the globe submit their top pictures to the Wedding Photojournalist Association’s photography contests because they appreciate having the opportunity to be recognized in this field. Their pictures are scrutinized by some of the most notable and respected working photojournalists and picture editors in the news industry (not the wedding industry). Winning in these contests is a major accomplishment for a professional wedding photographer.

Baglio Borgesati - Salemi, Sicily

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