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Page Last Updated August 31st, 2022

Martigliano, Arezzo, Tuscany, Italy Wedding Ceremony Photo of Bride and Groom
Elopement and Wedding Photographer: Simone Bacci, Arezzo, Italy

Martigliano, Arezzo, Tuscany, Italy

Underneath the shade of the ancient oak trees that line the Tuscan countryside, Heather and John recite their vows to one another. 

Heather and John left behind the rolling, mist-covered hills of Scotland in order to elope in the sweeping vineyards of Italy. While their intimate ceremony took place in the Tuscan countryside, they still incorporated touches of history and Scottish tradition into their wedding. Despite choosing a far-off locale to say their vows, many of their...

BW wedding image of the bride and groom from a City Hall, Arezzo, Italy Civil Marriage - Elopement Photography by Simone Bacci
Elopement and Wedding Photographer: Simone Bacci, Arezzo, Italy

City Hall, Arezzo, Italy Civil Marriage

The intense emotion in the eyes of the spouses was evident in the moment of promises. Nothing could mask the passion between Andrea and Elena as they said their vows and exchanged their wedding rings.

Andrea and Elena have decided to get married in the midst of the pandemic in Italy. Despite the endless restrictions they still decided to celebrate their ceremony. It was a very small ceremony with only 12 people, their respective children, parents and siblings. Even the presence of...

Elopement and Wedding Photographer: Simone Bacci, Arezzo, Italy

La Fattoria di Baciano, Arezzo, Tuscany, IT

The bride and groom look into each other eyes waiting to say YES. 

An intimate wedding by Natalie and Jake. They chose to celebrate their wedding together with their relatives in a small and welcoming location just a few kilometers from Arezzo called "la Fattoria di Baciano".

The choice of Italy as a destination for their marriage is due to the origins of Natalie’s grandparents, who emigrated to the...