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Alex Abbott
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I'm a full time Photographer, based in Leeds and working across Yorkshire and the UK. I’ve worked as a professional photographer for several years, after initially being asked to cover a wedding when a couple had seen some of my travel photography that had been exhibited and published; I have now covered many weddings of all shapes and sizes, throughout the UK and as far afield as Spain and Croatia, and cover up to 25 weddings each year.

My style can be described simply as a natural and observational approach to producing an heirloom document of your wedding day, where the emphasis of my photographs is moments captured as opposed to moments created. I use my experience and ability as a creative photographer to respond to the events and personalities that make up your celebration and these are caught with an intuitive sense for composition, striking use of available light, and an empathy for understanding the emotion in the moment.

My passion is travel and this inspires me to take photographs, and what makes me enjoy my work as a wedding photographer is bringing this approach to the day. I take inspiration from several photographers, but they also inspire me to seek my own images, and in this respect I love the thrill that anticipating and looking for the next photograph brings.

My portfolio of work demonstrates the emotive qualities that I look for when taking photographs at weddings, however my new favourite image is yet to be captured at the next wedding that I cover. Every couple that I work with is unique, as are their visions and expectations of their wedding day and in this respect, the variety of work that I am offered keeps me passionate about my work. I cover weddings in stately homes, back gardens, pubs, restaurants and iconic landmark buildings, however the quality and consistency of style in the work that I produce remains the same.

I tend to blend into crowds and prefer to quietly observe my environment, which is reflected in my photography, and this is what I believe makes my work unique; it is a representation of how I interpreted events witnessed. I like to document real experiences and create images that other people appreciate and respond too, and in this respect a wedding day offers lots of opportunities to do this.

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