Reinhard Gattinger

Reinhard  Gattinger

On a wedding day I capture pictures silent and without attracting attention. I love to capture moments which only last for a fraction of a second and I am always challenged to frame motives creatively. My shooting style is influenced by the "Prager Fotoschule Österreich" and my mentor Scott Robert Lim.
Before a wedding I always meet my clients. Either we meet in person or - if this is not possible - we skype. Why? A good relationship with my clients is the base for good pictures.
Besides weddings I do portraits where I am not only taking a picture of my client, but focus on his/her character. My workspace is around the globe wherever pictures need to be taken.
I am married and father of three little girls. They already started to take pictures at home and tell me which background is acceptable for family pictures.

Reinhard Gattinger
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Wedding Photography Packages

My packages start at € 1950,-.
All my packages include one photographer during the booked time, digital images on a usb-flashdrive and a hand crafted wedding book.