Maurizio Gjivovich

Maurizio  Gjivovich

Was born and works in Ivrea, realizes photographic services of marriage for 15 years in Europe and outside Europe.
Realizes press photography for magazines. Has published photo reports in international magazines, Specchio (Magazine La Stampa) Corriere magazine (Corriere della Sera), Magazine L'internazionale ( reportage of marocco 2005 ),Gente di Fotografia , Nital Sguardi 2005 ,Exibition in Rome Festival Fotoleggendo,Exibition in Perugia Photofestival 2013, Winner TAU Visual 2008, Winner silverAWARDS FIOF Orvieto . His reports explore complex political and social contexts.
He was born in Ivrea (north of Italy) in 1975

Maurizio Gjivovich
2000+ (EUR)

Client Letters

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  • Anna & Antoine

    Anna & Antoine

    Married 1 year ago
    Thank you very much Maurizio for your precious work as our wedding photographer! you have wonderfully captured the atmosphere of the day, making everything natural and easy with your kindness and discretion. The final album perfectly reports our way of living and experiencing the day. Anna&Antoine