Shih-Chieh Hsu

Shih-Chieh  Hsu

This is a photographer from Taipei, Taiwan. I've been a full-time wedding photographer for 3.5 years, and in this period of time, I have witnessed and documented 170 beautiful weddings by my camera and my heart. All of emotional moments and expressions in weddings are always on the top of my shooting list. Of course, venues, dresses, rings, wedding decoration and gifts, ceremonies, and others are also in my attention too, but "people in their existent moods" is the one makes each wedding meaningful and different. I choose to be a wedding photographer because I love EMOTIONS, I love capturing MOMENTS, simply speaking, I love human being HUMAN. Life is the mentor of my photography. Shooting my family and friends in everyday life is my hobbit, and those pieces of moments often feedback me with amazing inspirations - the inspirations can be applied to my works. So, please feel free to contact me if you like to have me as your engagement-photo or wedding photographer worldwide. I am expecting the call :)

Shih-Chieh Hsu
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All of my packages listed below include all images taken for the event, big-size photos for printing, small-size photos for online usage, photographer's storyline layout, DVD package with full cover design, and a high-quality photo book.