Ce (Carolynn) Helton

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Ce (Carolynn) Helton
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I love what I do...to capture the right moment is special. San Diego is my main home, but I also am in Lake Havasu and Boulder Colorado often and service those areas as well. My attitude is to be spontaneous and capture those difficult moments, but I have the fine art training and background as well. I like to think outside the box when I can but also understand the need to be in it for some photos as well. It's about balance and capturing your day the way I see it as well as how you envisioned it.

My AA is in Fine Art, my BFA in Media and Multimedia. I have taught at the college level (UCSD ext. and DAC), Adults, High School and kids fine art (I paint too) as well as photography. My first wedding I shot was over 9 years ago. The bride saw my photography of older adults (at the time I worked with many older adults) and said "I want you to shoot my wedding!" My reply was "I don't shoot weddings, I shoot people the way I see them...doing what they do." Never the less, she talked me into it. Within a year I was shooting close to 20 weddings a year, within several years, I was shooting 50ish weddings a year. I have learned to balance most things in my life I hope...one is I now aim to stay in the 30 or so weddings at most range,

I have won several international awards for photography as well as my paintings. I see moments and art...and people. My goal is to present that to you in capturing your day.

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