South America Wedding Photographers

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3000 US Dollar

Wellington Fugisse

Natal, Brazil

I have always read so many books, diving into their stories and narratives, I’ve realized that I became a storyteller. My tool is neither the pen nor a computer keyboard, but a camera. My biggest passion is to meet people who know the importance of the truth and feeling when a story is told.

Maykol  Nack
4000 Brazilian Real

Maykol Nack

Morro da Fuma in Santa Catarina, Brazil

Maykol Nack, graduated in Information Systems and surrendered to the art of writing with light, finding in photography a way to express feelings. Born in Rio Fortuna SC, a son of photographers, he began working with weddings very early by producing videos.

2500 US Dollar

Max Pell

Rosario, Argentina

Hello! I'm Max Pell. I am a business manager whose hobby became much more important than his job! In 2010 I got married, I quit my job (a very good one!) And I dedicated myself to 100% photography. I found wedding photojournalism the best way to express myself.

Vinicius  Fadul
3000 Brazilian Real

Vinicius Fadul

Campinas, Brazil

After fighting a terminal cancer, I changed the way of looking at life, everything has its beauty, even if the sad moments can have its positive side, and a wedding is the greatest of happy moments.

2500 US Dollar

Guilherme Bastian

Guapor, Brazil
Clara  Sampaio
2000 US Dollar

Clara Sampaio

Rio de Janeiro in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Sou Clara Sampaio, fotografo por paixão e amor a minha profissão.

2200 US Dollar

Mario Oliveira

Florianopolis in Santa Catarina, Brazil
Omar  Berr
1700 US Dollar

Omar Berr

Santiago de Surco in Lima, Peru
Andres  Preumayr
1500 US Dollar

Andres Preumayr

Rosario in Santa Fe, Argentina
2500 US Dollar

Leandro Donato

Sao Paulo, Brazil
4500 US Dollar

Vinicius Matos

Belo Horizonte in Minas Gerais, Brazil
Flavio  Alvarenga
4000 Brazilian Real

Flavio Alvarenga

Itabuna in Bahia, Brazil

Sou Flávio, ex-ator de teatro que dedicou 9 anos de sua vida aos palcos e que sempre amou a arte. Sou um cara brincalhão, comunicativo e adoro conhecer novas histórias. Posso confessar uma coisa? Pra falar a verdade já estou super ansioso para conhecer um pouco mais sobre a LINDA HISTÓRIA DE AMOR de vocês! :)

1100 US Dollar
Diogo  Dubem
2500 Brazilian Real

Diogo Dubem

Rio de Janeiro in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Jocemar  Voss Kovacs
2500 US Dollar

JVKovacs Photo Art: Jocemar Voss Kovacs

Florianópolis in Santa Catarina, Brazil
Maik  Dobiey
2700 US Dollar

Maik Dobiey

Santiago de Surco in Lima, Peru
3000 US Dollar

Arte&Photo: Beni Jr

Sao Joao del Rei in Minas Gerais, Brazil
Tom  Reis
3000 Brazilian Real

Tom Reis

Campinas, Brazil

Always in search of inspiration!

2100 US Dollar

Esteban Nakano

Lima in Lima, Peru
Sergio Luiz  Oliveira da Silva Filho
5000 Brazilian Real

Sergio Luiz Oliveira da Silva Filho

Campos dos Goytacazes in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I want to be in every wedding with the love that the couple deserves, to be able to devote to every detail a careful and creative look, and deliver images in a unique and special history.

1800 Brazilian Real

Julia Rezende Fotografia: Julia Rezende

São Paulo in São Paulo, Brazil

Client Letters

Ursula & Stephan

We didn’t expect anything else than good pictures but what you created is incredible! We had tears in our eyes watching the photos. Many many thanks for the amazing photos you created for us.

Inga & Michael

Wow, what an experience watching your photos! So many situations that we were not even aware of but which you captured for us. We laughed and we cried as the atmosphere of our wedding day was there again. You did a great job! We...