Andres Preumayr

Andres Preumayr is based in Argentina and Santa Fe for his wedding photography
Andres Preumayr
1500+ (USD)

What started as a simple game at the early age of 6 has been, little by little, shaping my lifestyle. Photography is not only my passion but also my way of telling once-in-a-lifetime stories which we wish to last forever.

I have my eye on shooting moments never to be forgotten: a bear hug, a spontaneous smile or just a simple gaze. While working I try to be practically invisible, for letting things flow and be as natural and real as possible.

I want my photos to bring back vivid memories of your special moments. In a way that I can take part of a little story, your story, the one I will be pleased to tell.

Photos are just there; we only have to find them…

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