Luca Rossini

Luca  Rossini

I am a professional wedding photographer and my studio, Rossini Photography, is based in Trastevere, right in the heart of Rome. I shoot weddings with my wife Claudia throughout the Italian territory, for both Italian couples and international ones who pick our country for their destination wedding.

Besides being a wedding photographer, I work on art and commercial assignments around the globe for international brands, and my photographs are regularly published, amongst others, on Vogue.

My photography is a lot about sudden inspiration and improvisation. My mission is to tell your intimate story by capturing evocative moments through which your own personality and attitude will shine. I document events as they naturally occur, capturing spontaneous emotions, shooting discreetly, without interfering or creating artificial poses. In the meantime, I put particular care into creating a unique photographic style with strongly communicative and artistic images. A surprising framing, a dramatic light, an emotion frozen into a shot is what I strive to capture in every shot.

Luca Rossini
Rossini Photography
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Client Letters

The following letters are from the clients of Luca Rossini. Click an image to view a larger version.

  • Andrea and Ginevra

    Andrea and Ginevra

    Married 6 years ago
    In every single photograph you delivered after our wedding shines your professionalism and your ability to capture the perfect moment and keep it vibrating in time. What most impressed me about your wedding reportage was the ability to crystallize the various moments of the day exactly like I remember them…it’s amazing how our photo book narrates the story of our wedding better than a film! We are very happy with the result: the images are stunning, lights and colors are just perfect!
  • Sharon and Giorgio

    Sharon and Giorgio

    Married 4 years ago
    We just finished looking at our pictures…they are AMAZING! Besides the emotion while waiting for the pictures to download, I swear I had goose bumps for every single image seen. WOOOOOOOOOOOW!!! When we first saw the photographs on your website from other weddings we were simply stunned, and today looking at our pictures we felt the same wonderful feeling: you exceeded our (very high) expectations! Thanks for everything, wonderful job!
  • Pierfrancesco and Cinzia

    Pierfrancesco and Cinzia

    Married 5 years ago
    They say that the wedding is the most beautiful day of one’s life, and this is exactly how we feel every time we open our photo book and relive the memories…Thanks Luca and Claudia, you work with great passion and professionalism! Moreover, we really appreciated how you did an amazing job in extreme discretion and silence, almost without being noticed by our guests or us during the ceremony and the reception. It was exactly what we desired! Consider yourselves booked for our first child’s baptism! Once again, thank you!
  • Flaminia and Matteo

    Flaminia and Matteo

    Married 4 years ago
    Luca and Claudia, you framed the best day of our lives in such a natural and pure manner that every time we look at these marvelous pictures we get emotional, it's feels like being tele-transported directly to the past 6th of July! Since the first time we met, you immediately put us at ease, you're extremely professional, under every aspect. You did a fantastic job, capturing through their eyes everything that we were seeing and living with ours. With no doubt we highly recommend you, Rossini Photography, to everyone! Thank you so much for all you did!
  • Maura and Mario

    Maura and Mario

    Married 4 years ago
    Luca e Claudia, you have the key to revolutionize wedding photography! We put a lot of effort in giving you a hard time with our wedding pictures: we didn’t want any images of the preparation of the bride, nor any couple portraits after the ceremony. The ritual was celebrated under an olive tree which filtered the light through the leaves and created harsh shadows on our faces…a photography nightmare! Moreover for the entire evening we were entertained by a number of surprise performances arranged by our friends, and nobody, photographers included, could predict what would have happened next. Well, we failed….the pictures of our wedding are simply amazing! When looking at them, we were astonished by how the images could evoke exactly the atmosphere we lived during the wedding, thanks to your passionate eye for composition and brilliant technique in capturing the natural light. The most incredible thing is that we never realized we were being photographed while the pictures seem just as perfect in details as if they had been shoot on a photographic set! At the end we had to share them online with our guests because all our friends wanted copies!
  • Giorgia and Joffrey

    Giorgia and Joffrey

    Married 3 years ago
    Love at the first sight, this is the feeling we had when we first met you, Claudia and Luca. From the very beginning you have been able to communicate passion, originality and professionalism…for a fabulous photography service! We are truly super satisfied to have chosen you as our photographers. Your support has been constant, from the first meeting to the big day, and even afterwards in helping us choose the right photos. The pictures are unique and full of emotions, so spontaneous and sweet at the same time, just like we have always dreamed of! We appreciated a lot your discretion during our wedding, you were fun, natural, relaxed and most importantly you put us incredibly at ease. We are really happy to have shared this important moment of our lives with you, Claudia and Luca. You were able to capture in the best way possible what for us has been a memorable day of celebrations. We are really thankful for your incredible work, and we will definitely hire you again for some beautiful pictures of our baby!
  • Benedetta and Luca

    Benedetta and Luca

    Married 3 years ago
    Reliability, quality, and professionalism. This is the feeling we had when we first met you. And now their photos speak for them. They are not only beautiful images, you can actually feel the emotions of the day just by looking at them: you can hear the guests laugh, the gasps, you can touch our tears of commotion. This is how we felt when we saw our wedding pictures for the first time, we were immediately brought back to how we were feeling that day and had just the same goose bumps! Claudia and Luca, you have been amazing! You have been able to capture with naturalness the true feelings we lived on the day and now whenever we look at the pictures we are able to relive the beauty and the joy of those unforgettable moments.
  • Benedetta and Leonardo

    Benedetta and Leonardo

    Married 3 years ago
    Luca and Claudia Rossini, you were able to capture exceptional moments during our wedding, by crystallizing the true feelings we lived with naturalness and poetry. Pure energy is liberated by the images, it seems like you can actually enter into them. The colors, the light, everything works together perfectly to bring back the emotions, and all this thanks to you! What can I say, our wedding was great, and it will be remembered in all its beauty thanks to you, great photographers!
  • Maxette and Jacques

    Maxette and Jacques

    Married 3 years ago
    We’re a French couple from Paris, and got married in Rome on August 13, 2013. Luca and Claudia, you are exceptional artists, geniuses! We are true fans of your work. All our photos release such and emotion when looking at them, it’s like magic…you simply make us dream! We want to thank you for your ability to listen, your patience, your helpfulness, professionalism and kindness. You have been our angels, guardians of this unique moment that you have been able to capture with sense and essence. Thanks to you, our wedding pictures are poetry. Grazie mille!
  • Ashara and Guido

    Ashara and Guido

    Married 3 years ago
    Luca and Claudia, you delivered amazing pictures of our wedding! You really have an amazing eye for composition. You fitted all our suggestions of things we wanted, and had a lot of great ideas of your own, even in a country were you don't normally shoot. You are a pleasure to pose for, always smiling and giving suggestions kindly and diplomatically through the day, without being bossy or shouting out instructions. You have a big eye for detail and your pictures look perfect!