Luca Panvini

Luca is an independent photographer based in Rome specializing in wedding reportage and is available for assignments in Italy and worldwide. His photography style aims to document everything that happens during the wedding day in a natural and spontaneous approach.

One can always expect from Luca a true interpretation of a wedding story, a discreet shooting and a professional post-production. He lives and works in Rome collaborating with international agencies for editorial publication. He usually travels throughout Italy for wedding photography assignments (mainly Lazio Puglia,Tuscany and Umbria).

Luca Panvini
1700+ (EUR)

Client Letters

The following letters are from the clients of Luca Panvini. Click an image to view a larger version.

  • Miriam and Iacov

    Miriam and Iacov

    Married 5 years ago
    We got married in Sept 2011. We found Luca through internet. With your original and candid pictures you've contributed to make unforgettable the emotion of our day. Thank you Luca! Iakov and Miriam
  • Kristi and Kevin

    Kristi and Kevin

    Married 6 years ago
    Thank you for the pictures. It was definitely a fun day we spent together. Between you and your assistant we felt very comfortable working with you and enjoyed our walking tour through the city. Prior to arriving in Rome I felt that I could trust you with payment and the contract that was set. I have already shown our pictures to many people and they asked how I found such a good photographer. You took wonderful pictures that we will cherish forever. Thank you for much for your professionalism and photographic abilities. Thanks again.