Matthew Bender

Hi, I'm Matt. I was supposed to be an engineer, but during a highly spirited lecture on how ball bearings are made (the professor was so excited that he was talking with his hands, it was a real tour de force), I instantly decided that I wasn't going to be an engineer after all.

Engineer ---------> Photographer. Logical progression, I know.

I started out working on commercial jobs such as architecture, portraiture, and products. I'm still involved in that world, regularly working on set as a commercial assistant and digital technician in the Philly and NYC areas. But while I'm a huge fan of sexy lighting, and killer portraits, I began to suspect that a long-term career as a commercial/studio photographer wasn't for me. There is little actual emotion when it comes to that kind of work, and not always much spontaneity.

By chance, I photographed my first wedding at around the same time. I loved it, and without hesitation, I ran with it. No two wedding days are ever the same, and in my opinion, are the perfect combination of emotion and technical challenges. A wedding day is a giant pile of randomness, and I'm charged with telling the story of that randomness in an artful, emotional way. It's a wonderful responsibility to have.

I firmly believe that a photo-journalistic approach is the most authentic way to tell the real story of a couple's wedding day. If I direct you around the entire day, and lead you from posed shot to posed shot, it would cease to be your wedding anymore! It would become mine, and I'd be doing you a huge disservice as my client by not allowing you to make your own memories of it. Because of this, I stay hands off as much as possible, prefer to just let the day happen around me, and focus on the real moments between you, your family, and your friends. It's your day, after all, not mine......your job is to live it how you wish, and mine is simply to show you how you lived it. Easy.

I round-out my mostly hands-off approach with my still present love of sexy lighting and killer portraits. Best of both worlds, right here. Intrigued? Fabulous. Take a look at my website for samples of my work, and don't hesitate to give a shout. I'd love to talk with you about your day.