Yohan Terraza

Yohan  Terraza

Whether on a mountain summit, in the Norwegian highlands buffeted by the wind or surrounded by the excitement of a wedding, my approach is the same, built on suggestion and passion.

I do not harbour a passion for photography, but a passion for the experiences it allows me to live. I enjoy the cold, the silence, the mountains and nature’s vistas. I enjoy sharing, and need to do so. I enjoy photographing weddings, and taking time over a portrait. I enjoy getting lost in the wild in my hunger to pay homage to it. I like the stars, putting on their display against the night sky. I have enjoyed playing guitar solos since I was 15. I enjoy writing tales and poems, and I like cats. I love films that relate a personal journey without imposing a morality sanitized by mundanities. I do not like planes, or Ben Stiller, or French pop music. Or people listening to French pop music in a plane. I was born in 1980, and am a sports enthusiast. I do not smoke, but I no longer play by all the rules either having kissed goodbye to the age of reason long ago.
As you will have no doubt realized, although I enjoy writing I do not like talking about me, whatever Man Ray’s views on the matter. So why not talk a bit about you, and do together what you do best, which is inspire me.

My name is Yohan Terraza. I am a photographer and I love my job, it makes me who I am. And I aspire to revealing who you are.

Yohan Terraza
1800+ (EUR)

Client Letters

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  • Louise & Miles Robinson

    Married 5 months ago
    " We thought you were incredible - you are obviously very talented and I have passed this onto Stephanie but if there is anywhere else I can leave a review please let me know as we were so impressed. I've been to so many weddings and the photos haven't been great, so to have someone like you at our wedding was a god send "