Lyndsey Goddard

Lyndsey  Goddard

Winner of ''UK Wedding Photographer of the Year" - The Wedding Industry Awards 2017

With a background in Fine Art and qualifications from London's world reknowned University of the Arts, photography has always been a passion and I am fortunate that it is also my full time job. Various jobs and projects including travel photojournalism in Cuba, birth photography and covering the 2005 Cannes Film Festival for French newspaper Le Monde eventually led me to documentary wedding photography, which has been my full time career since early 2009.

After almost twenty years of living in London, I now live by the beach in Kent with my husband Steve, another photographer, and our French Bulldog Ozzy. I take on wedding commissions here in the UK and abroad.

Lyndsey Goddard
1850+ (GBP)

Client Letters

The following letters are from the clients of Lyndsey Goddard. Click an image to view a larger version.

  • John Hine (father of the bride)

    John Hine (father of the bride)

    Married 5 years ago
    Clare and David dropped in last night to show us the wedding photos. I'm sure they have already thanked you but I wanted to add our thanks and gratitude too. You did a terrific job documenting the events of the day whilst working with amazing discretion. I was barely aware of your presence and yet you have successfully captured the essence of everything from the morning's preparations - including me ironing! - to the evening's dancing. They are beautiful images and ones which I know we'll look back on and treasure in years to come. As someone who has spent much of my life commissioning and working with photographers, I can honestly say that package you offered and the service you provided were first class.
  • Amanda and David

    Amanda and David

    Married 4 years ago
    We received your wonderful gift of a USB stick yesterday and cannot thank you enough for what was within! They are just amazing - all of them. Just breathtakingly stunning! I cried when I viewed some of them as it was like re-living the day all over again (I cried then too of course). We are so pleased. I have had to look at them again and again as each time I do, I see more and more, which is an incredidle feat to achieve. Your mirror work is outstanding - what a talent. I have sent some to Emma and she is thrilled and even James liked what he saw - which is a first. We now have the task of choosing some favourites which will be very difficult. Thanks again for everything - for the day itself and your wonderful presence, and especially for the pictures which are just phenomenally brilliant. I have *** to thank as he wasn't available and recommended you, so if you see him do tell him. What a find you were, so pleased he was booked (don't tell him that bit!) Thanks again and take care and keep up the outstanding work. I shall continue to look at your blog and view your work as I have a deep appreciation of what you produce. In fact, to be able to re-produce emotions through pictures that will last forever is quite unusual and requires skill and talent. I have seen many other photographers sites and some do not really capture it.
  • Guilia and James

    Guilia and James

    Married 4 years ago
    Just wanted to say that the photos you took are fantastic! We are so so pleased with them, I am frankly struggling to get any work done as I keep looking through them all the time. Its so lovely to have all the little moments captured and a great reminder of THE best day ever. We would highly recommend you to our friends and family, and look forward to seeing more of your work on your blog – I am now stalking that! Thanks again
  • Vivienne and Paul

    Vivienne and Paul

    Married 6 years ago
    At long last I've had the time to actually sit-down and take a good look at the photos and they are gorgeous (as well as some very funny ones!). You've captured lots of emotion and an amazing sense of the grandeur of the location - we love them. I keep going back and having another look and will do for many days, weeks and months to come! I've had lots of fantastic comments about the shots on your blog already and just as many about how much people liked having you around on the day - you really helped make our day as damned near perfect as we ever could have hoped - so we really mean it when we say a massive thank you to you!
  • Lisa and Timothe

    Lisa and Timothe

    Married 5 years ago
    So I have the photos, they are just AMAZING! You did SUCH a good job, my GOD! I nearly cried just seeing the CD! So I have printed out lots in time for going to France, so I'm very happy. I was going to start telling you what my favourite ones were, but I just can't, it's going to take me AGES to chose my top 100, let alone 10, or 1!!! But I do look forward to seeing the website you'll make. Very fun! Well I'm going to go and do it all again in France, and we'll definitely be missing you! if only we were super rich...... THANK YOU LYNDSEY!!!
  • Laurie and Charlie

    Laurie and Charlie

    Married 5 years ago
    I just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know our CD of images has arrived! We were away this weekend and got back late last night, but I had a quick peek and the photos look absolutely fantastic - you really have captured every moment of the day! I wanted to thank you also for all your hard work on the day. Despite the 'challenges' provided by the rain and by having the wedding at home, you blended seamlessly in and somehow managed to be in all places all of the time - amazing! We were particularly impressed with how unusual the photos are - so many people's wedding photos are just the usual posed or standard shots, but yours are so imaginative and creative that it makes them extra special. We're just completely thrilled, and are very much looking forward to having a proper look through the pictures this evening. Thanks once again for everything - I think choosing you as our photographer was our best wedding related decision by far!
  • Kate and Luke

    Kate and Luke

    Married 5 years ago
    ... wow wow wow". That's all that could be heard in 3 Dewar Street last night, after we arrived home to find your photos had arrived! Absolutely fantastic - we love them! You've managed to capture both the majesty and the quirkiness of the venue, and the mood of the day perfectly. Love the pics in the pub, love the pics of our (slightly terrifying!) journey, and the speeches, and the shots with the magician are just brilliant. I think you managed to snap every person there - all those smiling faces and all those special little moments that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. We're really pleased that we have these wonderful photos to remind us of what a beautiful, fun day it was. Thank you so much!
  • Erin and Indy

    Erin and Indy

    Married 3 years ago
    Hi Lyndsey, Hopefully you're not too frazzled after your marathon weekend of weddings. I meant to say some of this when we saw you at Claire and Elliott's wedding, but didn't really get the chance. In a nutshell I just wanted to say thank you properly for photographing our wedding. Erin and I never seem to have it easy, I'd say we've had more than our fair share of things going wrong since we got together. But the last few months have been the hardest by a long way. It's only since Erin's dad died that I've come to fully understand just how much he meant to Erin, and how much she's always worshipped and idolised him. She's still coming to terms with the loss, while at the same time unconsciously assuming his role in the family- sorting out all the practical problems since his death, and being the voice of reason when there's a difference of opinion even while she tries to grieve. I sort of sit at the sidelines, and I can see she is the best of what her dad was, which is something I don't think she'll ever really appreciate. But then her dad was too unassuming to ever recognise his own importance too. Personally, I was always slightly nervous around him, the way many guys are around the father of the love of their life. Not that he did anything to warrant my edginess, it was just that he was always so capable and knowledgeable- the first person you'd want in a crisis. I looked forward to getting to know him better, to fix an old car up with him, or work with him fixing up our first house. None of that is meant to make you feel bad, or sorry for us- we're a solid and otherwise happy couple, and I know we'll endure this and anything else that life throws at us. The reason I'm saying it is so that you can maybe appreciate our gratitude for you agreeing to photograph our wedding. I know you already know, that just as your photography catches the mood and emotion of the day, so it also catches the thoughts and interactions of the people, and so shows people as they really are. Your photos really do show Brian as he was. One of Erin's favourite pictures of the day is that of her with her dad outside the registry office. It's like her aunt said recently- it doesn't just look like Brian, it's everything about him in a nutshell. The way he brought calm to Erin, the way he was always there for her while never being in the limelight. The way he was the perfect father to her. We talked at Elliott and Claire's wedding about how the photographs are the only physical thing that stays with you after you get married, and after the last few months the photos you took of Brian on the day have become even more important to Erin. Maybe another photographer could have taken pictures that showed the same thing, but then again maybe not. I don't know why you agreed to be our photographer- you no doubt would have had other requests offering more money closer to home. It sounds trite to say, but I really can't think of any greater act of kindness toward the two of us than yours. Reading back through the twaddle I've written, a lot of it sounds trite, but it is all true. So really, thank you. More than a silly email could say, thank you.