David Pullum

London Wedding Photographer David Pullum has been documenting weddings for 14 years and has shot more than 600 weddings. His love for creating images has captured memories that will last a lifetime for many satisfied couples.

David Pullum
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Client Letters

The following letters are from the clients of David Pullum. Click an image to view a larger version.

  • Jonathan & Caroline

    Jonathan & Caroline

    Married 7 years ago
    Myself and Caroline are so very pleased you enjoyed shooting our wedding in December 2009: it meant a lot to us that we chose the right photographer(s) and we could not have asked for a more promising product than the work you have produced for us. Not only have your shots proved to be immediate heart-warming winners, I know they will provide much continued joy to us in the many years to come. From a technical perspective, your use of cropping, framing and angles lifts our images off the page to a whole new dimension; your artistic imagination has captured the very spirit of our party with some very clever and thoughtful shots, whilst the colouring and skin tones of us (and our guests) are truly fantastic, not to mention most flattering!! On top of that, your conduct, dedication and discretion over the evening made it an absolute pleasure to have you on board shooting our wedding. You are a consummate professional and very gracious in your approach to your work. I sincerely thank you for your hard work on the day. I remember first seeing your 'mission statement' on your website, when doing my research, back in Summer 2009 and was immediately struck by its honesty and integrity: 'I like simple images, simply done. Nothing too fancy. Just a powerful image that immediately tells a story.' Those eighteen words summed up for me the very essence of your work and it was then I knew we had found the right product. I am proud to call you our photographer, and feel priviledged to have been a part of your artistic mastery. In actual fact, it is myself and Caroline who are the lucky ones for choosing you on our day, and we are honoured to have been the subjects of your camera lens.
  • Lee & Gabby

    Lee & Gabby

    Married 7 years ago
    We got married on the 1st of August 2009 and of course wanted to capture the amazing day. My now wife’s farther was a photographer so we asked for his professional advice as to whom he would recommend to take pictures of our day. He could only give us one name who he could really recommend and someone who’s work he had admired for some years. The name David Pullum Photography. We wanted very informal style photography that told a story of the whole day. So after looking at Davids website and thinking how fantastic his pictures were we arranged to visit and look at his work and agree what we wanted. From the moment we met, David was highly professional and made us feel completely at ease, his work speaks for it self, high quality photos capturing those moments that you will remember forever. We agreed on a package of work and booked him straight away, this was in late 2007. Nearer the wedding date we met with David again to confirm exactly what we wanted and worked out the timings etc. We booked David for 10 hrs to cover both myself and bride getting ready, with then photos at the Church and reception and evening reception. What David does well is make himself invisible you don’t see him take his amazing photos, people who did see him asked if we were friends as he blended so well with the people attending the day. We have some amazing photos that remind us of our fantastic day. After the wedding we then met with David again to go through the photos he felt told the best story of the day. We decided on the album and waited in anticipation of the delivery of the album, the day it arrived we collected it from David and we are so happy with the quality of the album and photos inside, we have had some many comments on how fantastic the photos are

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