Italy wedding photographer Raffaella Arena studied Disciplines of Art, Music and Entertainment
2000+ (EUR)

Raffaella Arena


Raffaella Arena has followed in her father Antonio’s footsteps: in fact he was an active member of the Associated Press, as well as the director of photography in the Calabria base of the Italian state television RAI.

Raffaella has graduated in Disciplines of Art, Music and Entertainment with a thesis about the cinema directors who are involved in photography. In this work, she has analyzed the connection between cinema and photography in authors like Kubrick, Wenders and Riefenstahl.

She has attended workshops from Magnum Agency photographers Leonard Freed and Ferdinando Scianna. A professional photographer since 2003, Raffaella has specialized in wedding photojournalism, and has also shot stage pictures for a lot of acting groups, as well as portrait pictures for political candidates. She has also shot pictures for a lot of advertising campaigns.
She has joined several collective exhibitions, among those is “Cromogenìa: the excess” (personal catalogue, critical essay by Marcello Walter Bruno). Busy in taking wedding pictures, she has had no time to get married.,

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