Germany Wedding Photographers

If you choose one of our WPJA Germany wedding photojournalists as your wedding photographer, please let them know you found them through the Wedding Photojournalist Association.

The WPJA at a glance: The Wedding Photojournalist Association puts the best Germany wedding photographers at your fingertips, by granting membership only to the most talented professional wedding photographers in the world--photographers who focus solely on using their documentary photography skills to capture ‘the moments’ of your wedding day.

Niels  Gerhardt
1700 Euro

NG Wedding Photography: Niels Gerhardt

Weiterstadt in Hessen, Germany

I started to use the camera at the age of twelve and since then I was continuously developing my style and techniques. For many years I was a street photographer until the wedding photojournalism crossed my path. Instantly I fell in love with the art of capturing real emotions and the beauty of each wedding.

1999 Euro

Pollok Pictures: Andreas Pollok

Hemsbach, Germany

Andreas Pollok is an international award winning weddding photographer from Germany. He is based near Heidelberg and Frankfurt. He photographs the wedding day in a creative documentary style with dramatic and romantic portraits. But first of all, "he really LoVes WhAT he is Doing".

Markus  Husner
1250 Euro

Markus Husner

Wachenheim in Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany

Emotionale Hochzeitsfotografie mit Gefühle, Momente, und Ereignisse fotografiere ich mit meiner ganzen Leidenschaft!

David  Anton
1650 Euro

David Anton

Oberkirch, Germany

It has been over sixteen years since I shot my first wedding and I still absolutely love taking pictures at weddings, catching those precious fleeting moments for a lifetime. Each wedding is unique, and it is my joy to discover this special aesthetics and then giving it my own artistic touch....

1400 Euro

Daniel Kuhlmann

Berlin in Berlin, Germany

Hey. I am Daniel. Male, 30 something, German passport, restless soul. I love photographing people, watching movies and having meaningful conversations. And I love telling stories about the day of your life through pictures.

Thomas  Weber
2400 Euro

Phothomas: Thomas Weber

Oldenburg in Niedersachsen, Germany

My Name is Thomas Weber. I am a native of Berlin, born in 1979 and have been living in Oldenburg since 2002. I´ve been involved with potography since 2005, disvovering my passion for wedding photography. My fotographic path first led my through different themes.

Axel  Breuer
1600 Euro

Axel Breuer

Rees, Germany

Axel, born in 1963, has been working for years as a freelance photo journalist for various local newspapers. When photographing a neighbours wedding by chance, he discovered his fascination for wedding photography.

Wolfgang  Burkart
1500 Euro

Wolfgang Burkart

Munich, Germany

Wolfgang Burkart lives and works in Munich. Regarding the photography, it was never his intention just to document something. For him, the fascination was always to catch that special moment, the particular point of view or the extraordinary scene with his camera. He photographed his first weddings still on film.

1900 Euro

Mann & Frau Schmidt: Heiko Schmidt

Luneburg, Germany

Hallo! Ich bin Heiko. Zusammen mit meiner Frau Cati sind wir die Fotografen "Mann und Frau Schmidt". Wir sind in der Nähe von Hamburg lokalisiert aber lieben es zu reisen. Ich fotografiere seit über 20 Jahren, vor allem Reportage und Reisefotografie. Seit 3 Jahren sind wir Hochzeitsfotografen - und lieben es!

1490 Euro

Martin Hoffmann

Nürnberg in Bayern, Germany

ich bin Martin und Hochzeitsfotograf aus Nürnberg in Deutschland. Die Fotografie mit Menschen ist meine grosse Leidenschaft. Ich liebe es wenn ich den schönsten Tag im Leben von 2 Menschen teilen darf. Die Hochzeit vergeht, die Bilder bleiben für immer. Mir ist es wichtig den Tag so wieder zu geben wie er war.

Vladimir  Khaptinskiy
1000 Euro

Vladimir Khaptinskiy

Munster, Germany
Oleg  Rostovtsev
2460 Euro

Oleg Rostovtsev

Hannover in Niedersachsen, Germany

Oleg Rostovtsev is a Hanover based destination wedding photographer with a background in photojournalism. He is an award winning wedding photographer of the WPJA and AGWPJA.

Anton  Podolskiy
1780 Euro

Anton Podolskiy

Hannover in Niedersachsen, Germany
800 Euro

Rene Schlafer

Mainz in Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
1900 Euro

Mann & Frau Schmidt: Cati Schmidt

Hitzacker in Niedersachsen, Germany
Monique  De Caro
1500 Euro

Monique De Caro

Viersen, Germany
David  Hallwas
1800 Euro

David Hallwas

Marl, Germany

David Hallwas is a photographer based in Germany (NRW). He studied Communication Design in Düsseldorf. Because of his passion, he concentrated on wedding photography. He focuses on photojournalistic style and creative, artistic portraits.

1000 Euro

Stefan Franke

Fulda in Hessen, Germany

Hi, i am Stefan, 28 years, living in Fulda (Hessen - Germany). I studied photography at the university of applied sciences and arts in Dortmund and i come at this time to wedding photography.

Marco  Schwarz
3300 Euro

Marco Schwarz

Budenheim in Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany

Marco Schwarz is an award winning wedding photographer living near Frankfurt, Germany. Eight years ago, he started with a small camera and his subject of choice was his son. In the years that followed, Schwarz discovered his love for taking photographs at weddings.

Ingo  Cordes
2000 Euro

Ingo Cordes

Reilingen, Germany

Ingo Cordes is living next to Heidelberg and an active member of the WPJA since 2009. Typically brides and grooms ask him to capture their wedding because they love his natural style of wedding journalism. Ingo is an award winning wedding photographer and found his passion for wedding photography just a couple of years ago.

Darek  Gontarski
2000 Euro

Cameramirage: Darek Gontarski

Berlin in Berlin, Germany

The photographer Darek Gontarski studied for several years at the Academy of Arts - his profound Knowledge can be seen today in his elaborately staged images of Cameramirage Wedding Photography. He is one of the most creative wedding photographers in Germany. Darek Gontarski photographed next to weddings also actor and staged

975 Euro

Bee Lucky Pictures: Soraya Haessler

Baden Wurttemberg, Germany

Hinter Bee Lucky Pictures steckt Soraya Häßler. Seit ein paar Jahren arbeitet sie als Hochzeitsfotografin und genießt es von verliebten Menschen umgeben zu sein. In einen Jahr fotografiert sie um die 20 Hochzeiten und reist dafür auch gerne ins Ausland.

Rene  Schoen
1500 Euro
1400 Euro