Victoria Sprung

Victoria Sprung is a wedding photographer serving brides and grooms all around Illinois and Chicago
Victoria Sprung
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Having started with fashion photography, I have found my niche as a wedding "documentarian". I love how different each wedding is, and how there is always an opportunity to catch a moment. I thrive in low light, indoor, night time situations. I'm obsessed with giving my clients timeless, classic imagery... while still providing works of art.

-Cats, dogs, any animal really. Yes, even bugs. Seriously!
-Hot beverages (coffee, tea, hot cocoa, apple cider, you name it)
-Autumn and Winter
-My Husband/Video Partner Mike :D
-Traveling. So far, I have been to: England, Scotland, Ireland, Holland, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Canada, Mexico, and several States in the US. Next, I am thinking Scandinavia or Japan
-Karaoke. My favorites to sing right now are: Led Zeppelin - Rock n Roll, and Pat Benatar - All Fired Up.

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