Austria Wedding Photographers

If you choose one of our WPJA Austria wedding photojournalists as your wedding photographer, please let them know you found them through the Wedding Photojournalist Association.

The WPJA at a glance: The Wedding Photojournalist Association puts the best Austria wedding photographers at your fingertips, by granting membership only to the most talented professional wedding photographers in the world--photographers who focus solely on using their documentary photography skills to capture ‘the moments’ of your wedding day.

Reinhard  Gattinger
1950 Euro

Reinhard Gattinger

Pinsdorf, Austria

On a wedding day I capture pictures silent and without attracting attention. I love to capture moments which only last for a fraction of a second and I am always challenged to frame motives creatively. My shooting style is influenced by the "...

750 Euro

Michael Jenewein

Pflach in Tirol, Austria

I was fascinated by photography since I can remember. My education with photographic and architectural elements led to the work as a freelance photographer and architect. The work with the Leica M and Fuji X system brought me to wedding...

1350 Euro

Anton Novotny

in Wien, Austria

Photography has been Anton’s passion ever since he was just a little boy. He always looked at the world through the lens of his camera. It was no surprise when he chose photography as his career 10 years ago. He gained a lot of experience by taking...

Marek  Valovic
1240 Euro

Marek Valovic

, Austria

In the summer of 1999 my first wedding reportage changed my life. My professions as a Nuclear physicist and later financial analyst had been melting in time and my photographic passion was changing into a profession. Meanwhile my photographic "...

Mathias  Suchold
1650 Euro

Mathias Suchold

Koppl in Salzburg, Austria
Boni  Bonev
1500 Euro

Boni Bonev

Sofia in Sofia, Bulgaria

My name is Boni Bonev, I was born in Svilengrad (Bulgaria) in 1970 and I live in Sofia (Bulgaria) since 1985. I am married and have two children. For the first time I touched the magic of photography when I was 7 years old, watching images...

Dragan  Zlatanovic
1700 Euro

Dragan Zlatanovic

Prata di Pordenone in Pordenone, Italy

I see beauty everywhere. I don't know whether this is a special gift or simply my vision of the planet and people I'm living with. I'm located on the northern part of the Adriatic Coast, from where I'm reaching all the major...

Client Letters

Nadine and Mient

You've really got the key! We were so excited in planning our Slovenian wedding from Munich where my Dutch husband and I currently live. You were so great in the way you kept communication with us by email and telephone. You...

Maria and Chris

Anton, Great Job! We absolutely love our wedding photos and the photo album is just amazing! You have an exceptional talent capturing the magic of the day. Chris and I are extremely impressed by your creativity with posed and...

Deborah and Mitja

Dragan,.. non sono una persona che si ama fotografare, anzi odio se qualcuno mi scatti le foto, pero con te e' stato tutto cosi naturale, come bere un bicchiere d'aqua...o ancora piu facile, come respirare.. Veramente...

Wedding Photojournalism Articles

For the Photographer


Anyone who’s been to a wedding knows there’s nothing simple about the photographer’s job.


For the Bride and Groom


How do you find the ideal person to document your wedding?


For the Photographer


With the snap of a shutter, a camera lens captures a single moment in time; one that can never occur again in the exact same way.


WPJA Austria Photographers will travel to:

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