2nd place in First Dance

Wedding Photographer Ken Blaze of Ohio, United States
Ohio, United States

Ken Blaze

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Wedding photographer Ken Blaze, was awarded 2nd place in the First Dance category for the WPJA's 2014 Q3 Photography Contest.


  • The intimate setting in this picture made it a bit unique. I liked how the photographer framed the photo and the good use of light.
  • I have to tell the truth that I fell in love with this moment upon first sight. I didn't bother to ponder it until after it was already a winner and I'll explain why. When imagery reaches a level like this, it is transported directly into our heart and mind. We don't have to think. We don't have to consider the where and why and how. Sometimes an image simply is. But it's easy to see why I reacted so viscerally - the quietness of this languid moment between bride and groom is permeating the room. The guests seem almost blushing to be in the presence of this romantic moment, as though they have been thrust into something so powerful, so strong that they feel unworthy to even cast a glance. I suspect the photographer felt that too and noticed the surroundings - recording the moment in full respect of an honest moment.

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