4th place in Ceremony

London, United Kingdom Wedding Reportage
London, United Kingdom

David Pullum

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Wedding photographer David Pullum, was awarded 4th place in the Ceremony category for the WPJA's 2014 Q3 Photography Contest.


  • Great energy in the left part of the frame and good story-telling. I like the composition of the photo, and another good example of the photographer capturing a full story in one frame.
  • Two people taking photos in this situation is equal to one fine image. I'm sure the man in the background managed to squeeze out a frame Instagram-ready but he's apparently oblivious to the real image occurring behind him. It makes me think of those photographers you sometimes see in the background of a great image. I've often wondered what that must feel like. I know the feeling in a limited way because I missed my fair share of moments throughout the years. Fortunately I was never to be found in the background of "one of those" kind of photos.

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