19th place in Great Natural Light

Wedding Photographer Aurel Virlan of , Romania

Wedding photographer Aurel Virlan, was awarded 19th place in the Great Natural Light category for the WPJA's 2012 Q4 Contest.

Photographer's Comment

Bridal preparations were over, it was time to go to the ceremony. I was ready to leave before everybody else, so that I could capture a few frames while going out of the hotel. Surprisingly, the bride's mother observed some creases on the bride's veil and as the iron was still plugged in, she started to iron the veil. The moment was unique. There was no time to change anything, I put the 24mm lens and I set it slightly overexposed by 2/3 diaphragms, thinking that maybe I would still appreciate the photography with densely shaded areas. The bride's mother being dressed in black, in sharp contrast with her daughter's white dress, triggered into my mind the Yin-Yang symbolism.


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