1st place in Humor

Wedding Photographer Joseph Gidjunis of Pennsylvania, United States
Pennsylvania, United States

Joseph Gidjunis

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This photograph, taken by Joseph Gidjunis, was awarded 1st place in the Humor category for the WPJA's 2009 Q3.


  • I hope that this was a truly spontaneous situation that the photographer took advantage of. I would love to know more about this one.
  • This is hilarious. I’m not sure who the naked cyclists are, but the bride seems to have a wondering eye.
  • Naked (and nearly naked) men on bikes provide an amusing juxtaposition with the bride and groom. That everyone seems to be in on the joke doesn't, in this case, lessen the inherent humor of the situation.
  • This photo is ridiculous! So funny.
  • Bizarrely funny. Nice job.

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