3rd place in Getting Ready

Wedding Photographer Daniel Kudish of Quebec, Canada
Quebec, Canada

Daniel Kudish

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Wedding photographer Daniel Kudish, was awarded 3rd place in the Getting Ready category for the WPJA's 2009 Q1.


  • This picture has an intimacy and humor very interesting. Also the composition is very good with the man on the right closing the frame on its right.
  • Ah, when frat party meets bridal party... what a fun, care free moment between the bride and her bridesmaids. I love the layers in this frame, and how there are several different scenes playing out here: the conversation on the cell phone, and what looks like a toast coming between the two women in the lower right corner, to the guy sitting in the background just taking it all in. But my face is ultimately drawn to the woman in the center, with her mouth open, obviously encouraging the bride to chug.
  • This category had a fun mix of touching moments mixed with the celebratory pre-game atmosphere of getting ready for weddings. This frame captures that energy, and compositionally the picture’s layers work great in capturing everyone in the frame’s different experiences in this one moment.

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